Mistakes to Avoid in the Installation of Windows

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September 1, 2016
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September 1, 2016

Insufficient or improper design and careless installation of doors and windows can lead to poor overall performance, air infiltration, and moisture intrusion. Best window installation companies in Los Angeles, California will provide you finest installation services so that the most vital components in construction such as windows and doors do not get messed up and the increase in energy efficiency and the moisture in homes and buildings remains in control.

To promote high quality and consistent installation of windows and doors a team of best window installation companies in Los Angeles, California has issued manual focused towards the commercial building market.

While installing windows, it is essential to be ensured of the safety. The remodelers that take commercial work would be advised to follow the rules regarding the safety glass. Safety glass is required in any fixed panel adjacent to a door or operable window where the exposed edge is within an arc of 24 inches of the vertical edge of a closed door or the area exposed is more than 9 square feet of an individual pane.

Below are some mistakes to avoid while installing windows:

a. Do not block weep holes with a sealant or any material that will not allow the water to drain well.

b. Do not drill through the door frames and the window in order to apply the alarm systems. If not careful, the water may get in places from where it cannot dry or get out of.

c. Do not block the weep holes at the doors while being used in combining with patios which involve concrete pavers, brick or stone. When it is necessary, use a starter sill or fill up the place high enough to get rid of the obstructions.

d. Breather holes help in the air circulation. Hence, do not block the breather holes with dual sash units or with a sealant.

e. The application of film might lead to the breakage of the glass or the head buildup. It is better not to apply the film to the glass without the proper consultation of the window or door manufacturer.

f. Be careful with wielding right after the installation. In order to avoid the damage, shield the frame and the glass from weld flash.

g. End dams should be sealed properly on the sub-sills. Make sure that metal to metal joints are made.

h. Only use well-matched sealants that will allow the movement due to contraction, expansion or displacement between the stories. Have knowledge about the sealant marker’s guidelines for minimum and maximum temperature in the process of applying sealant.

i. For the delivery of the materials, do not use the finished door or window as an access. This will cause damage to the door and window thresholds and result in the building of the debris inside.

j. Always make sure that the surfaces to be framed are protected from the harsh materials such as sulfuric acid and mortar. These are the materials that are commonly found in most of the exterior cleaning solutions.

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