Five Home Improvement Projects to Avoid

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September 24, 2016
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September 24, 2016
Home improvement ideas

Home improvement ideas that do not add to the resale value of your house is a waste of money and time. If you are planning to invest money in home improvement do not spend your money on these projects.

1. In-Ground Swimming Pools
Depending on the kind, the cost of in-ground swimming pools is $30,000-$75,000. You might think that installing a pool is a good idea but it only makes your house further difficult to sell. Most of the people, especially people with smaller children, would not want to buy a home with a pool installed. When you exclude the families with children, it would severely decrease the number of families keen to buy your house. In addition to that, when you install a pool, it increases the energy costs and even raises the insurance of your homeowners. Having a pool also needs a lot of maintenance and costs about $1,500-$2,000 or even more to function.

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2. Gourmet Kitchens with High-End Accessories
While you may like the high-end Tuscan tiles and the $10,000 commercial stove, these expensive additions will not pay off when listing your house for sale. If you plan to move within a couple of years and want to modify the kitchen, it is better if you invest in serviceable, quality appliances that would appeal to a majority of the people. Overall, if you do too much customization in a house, it will turn the buyers away.

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3. Whirlpool Baths
While it may sound great and soothing to take a hot bath after a long day at work, possible buyers would not want to pay extra for a new whirlpool bath. In addition to that, the charges for fitting a whirlpool tub can be excessive. Most of the homeowners who install luxury bathtubs eventually discover that they need to spend their money in a bigger hot water container for the tub to function properly. Besides, installing a tub will require maintenance cost and result in high energy bills.

Home improvement ideas

4. Sunrooms
If adding a sunroom is that one of the most important home improvement ideas in your head, remember that it is very expensive and adds very little value to your house. A sunroom would only earn 50%-60% of the amount spent on it or $486 for every $1,000. It also raises the energy cost in the summer and winter as the glass does not offer insulation.
However, if you are live on the beach or in the South, many houses do have sunrooms. Adding one to your house may essentially help you in staying competitive if you plan on selling your house. Also, if you add a sunroom to your house, it would make your home prettier to a group of purchasers, but you possibly will not recover the costs of the construction.

5. Expensive Landscaping
Landscaping will alter the way your home looks, particularly to the buyers. However, spending all the savings in order to create a backyard paradise will not add to the asking price. If you are planning to stay in your house for some time, this can enhance the quality of your life mainly in the months that are warm. However, you are planning to sell your house, you will not recoup the cost of the expensive landscaping.

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