Tips and Ideas to Remodel Bathrooms

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September 1, 2016
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September 1, 2016

If you want to give your old bathroom a new and fresh look, you may contact bathroom remodeling contractors. These are professionals who will change your bathroom according to your desire and personality. Although there are a lot of ways in which you can remodel your bathroom, you should opt for the ones that increase the functionality and is on your budget and time. Here are a few tips and ideas to remodel bathrooms.

1. First hand on everything:
It can take a few weeks for the delivery of big items such as special order tiles and vanity top to arrive. You have to be patient with that. Before entering your bathroom with a Sawzall or a hammer, make sure that you have all your requirements on hand such as the vanity, tiles, plumbing fixtures, the tub and the new lighting. Although waiting for the parts to arrive is frustrating, but it is better than having a strange bathroom and tearing up your fixtures. When the new products are on hand, you will understand whether or not to do the extra work, such as running new light cables, moving the line of plumbing to the sink location, before you make any mess on the walls.

2. Take a good look at all of your options:
There might be a limit in the selection of tops and vanities in the home centers and the special orders will take not less than three to six weeks to deliver, so it is important to consider other options. Your bathroom remodeling contractors should be in contact with local suppliers who specialize in the wide selection of natural stones in a range of sizes and colors. They also offer custom made tops that fit unusual shapes and spaces. It is no surprise that the tops are very affordable. You can also look for other options online. For some people, it can be difficult to buy a centerpiece based on pictures and description without physically touching or feeling it but the world online is full of amazing offers and prices that might help you save some cash.

3. Plan for shower storage:
Do not settle for cheap units of plastic hanging from the showerheads or attach to rods from the tub to the ceiling, they will ruin your beautiful new design and are ugly to look at. If you want storage for your bathroom essentials such as body wash, shampoo, soap and razor, a better option can be the ceramic tile that you will have to install in the shower’s corner. The starting cost of a shelf is at $10 at time stores and home centers. Building an in-the-wall shelving can be an even better solution to this. You can add framing between the studs after tearing out the old shower for the shelves. The shelf after being done does not protrude into the shower and looks attractive if tiled properly.

4. Use Accent Tiles
Use accent tiles as glass or mosaic tiles are expensive. You may use glass or mosaic tiles as a border to give a hint of pattern and color.

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