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Estimated home remodeling

It is not easy for anyone to give an exact estimation of your house unless given a certain situation. Articles on estimated home remodeling costs often give vague ideas about the expenditure that might occur during the makeover. In this article, we are to present you with a rough figure on your desired projects.

House Additions:
House additions can range from sunrooms shipped by freight delivery up to full-size stick built home additions that will significantly add to the resale value of your house.
• Walled Porch: $6,600 to $16,100
• 24 by 15 Sunroom: $20,100 (does not include installation)
• Build Full-size Addition: $90 to $140 per square foot
• 9 by 15 Sunroom: $12,000 (does not include installation)
• Over Plaster Drywall Ceiling: $3.00 to $4.50 per square foot

Basement Conversions:
An unpleasant basement first appears to be a modified financial slam dunk. When you have to deal with difficulties such as HVAC systems, plumbing and electrical along with the tacky legalities for converting the space to a rental entity plus the pure magnitude of all of that flooring and drywall, you will end up with a project which is fundamentally a total house addition.
• Converting Basement into a Legal Rental Unit: $50,100 to $70,100
• Basement Finish With a Finishing System: $50,100
• Basement Finishing With a Contractor: $70,100
• Do it yourself Basement Finishing: $15,100 and above

Estimated home remodeling

Bathroom Remodels
The remodeling of the bathroom is the eventual do it yourself project if you are dealing with an additional bathroom.
• Bathroom Remodel Surface: $1,100 to $14,100
• Full Bathroom: $18,100
• Half Bathroom: $4,600 to $6,100
• Additional Bathroom (side of your house): $42,100

Estimated home remodeling

Electrical Work
Estimated home remodeling costs are for the work of electricians. If you do your own electrical work, it will significantly decrease the estimation as electrical equipment are low in cost and the labor of it is free.
• Separate circuits electrical: $260 to $410 per circuit
• Raise service to about 200 amps: $910 to $1,600
• Fix connectors on the outlets (homes wired in aluminum): $27 to $32 per joining/ $2,650 to $3,950 (entire house)

Exterior Work
• New Downspouts and Gutters: $3.60 to $4.60 per linear foot
• Upgrade Lawn: $750 to $2,050

Estimated home remodeling

Floor Work and Installation
You might want to work with professionals when it comes to installing engineered or solid wood flooring or ceramic tile, laminate and plank or tile vinyl floor is extremely easy to install by oneself.
• Connect Ceramic Tile Floor: $17 to 28 per square foot
• Finish Wood and Sand Floors: $2.60 to 4.40 per square foot
• Fix Wall To Wall Carpet: $6 to $9 per square foot
• Fit Vinyl Tile Floor: $4.50 to $6.5 per square foot


Garage Work
• Construct a Single Car Garage: $8,050 to $12,550
• Construct a Double Car Garage: $10,050 to $14,050

Estimated home remodeling

Air Conditioning and Heating
All of the estimations are for the professional work, not DIY
• Exchange electric heat pump: $3,250 to $4,650
• Exchange warm air furnace: $2,550 to $4,850
• Trade central air conditioning system (gas): $3,650 to $4,550
• Exchange central air conditioning system (electric): $2,550 to $4,050

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