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Home should be a space that inspires you and helps you relax. In order to sleep better, enhance mood and stress less, redecorating your house every once in a while is very important. Here are a few easy inexpensive decorating ideas for your home to make it feel lively again.

1. Create a feel-good space in the entryway:
The entryway is the first thing that you and your guests will see while entering the house. The entryway should consist something that you like such as a flower vase, a piece of art or a distinct souvenir. The first impression of the house is very important to help you diminish the stress.

2. Create space in the living room:
In a cramped living room where there is a lot of stuff, you will only build up your anxiety. Get rid of the clutter you’ve been splattering your living room with. Ask yourself, if you really need that old furniture or the picture frames you’ve been hanging up in your living room. You may also want to paint your living room white in order to make it look spacious. If you match the furniture with the color of your wall, it will create an illusion of having more space. For example, a white bookshelf in a room with white walls will make the bookshelf disappear on the walls. To get more decorating ideas visit:

3. Instead of the whole room, light up certain locations:
If you surround yourself with bright overhead lights, it can be difficult to wind down yourself at the end of the day. You may consider putting overhead light on dimmers and using spotlights on the areas that need to light up such as the space next to bookshelf where you read will require brightness. Better than standard ones, full spectrum bulbs will help in mimicking that natural light that helps to create a soothing natural environment.

4. Go for a simple color scheme:
Do not use a whole lot of different color on your walls. Instead, go for a simple color scheme. You might want to restrain the use of loud colors and high contrast flashy patterns as it will draw your eyes all over the space, making it difficult to calm down and relax. Simple color schemes and designs are soothing to the eyes and the mind. If you want to be reminded of nature, you may want to opt for soothing hues such as neutral earth tones and shades of blue and green. With the calming color, you can incorporate your space with accessories such as lampshades, throw pillows or a quilt.

5. Bring the outdoor in:
You can bring in the houseplants or hang a mirror opposite to the window in order to get the view from the outside, to be surrounded by natural components. If you live in a city and your view includes big buildings, you might consider hanging a large photograph of a landscape. You may also add various accessories, colors and textures to your room décor to give it a more natural feel.

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