Summer Home Improvement Projects

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August 10, 2016
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August 10, 2016

In the warmer weather, there are quite a few improvements you could make to your house. From indoor to outdoor, there always is something to change or redo in order to make your house prettier as you get along with friends and family. These home improvement tips will make your house more fun while also adding value to it.

1.Storm Doors:
If you dislike humid weather and the thunderstorms, installing storm doors is a life saver for you. Guard your doors from the bad summer elements by fitting new storm doors. There are a lot of companies that offer storm doors that protects your main doors while setting style to the house. It is also an awesome way of bringing the natural light of the summer into your house.

2. Spruce up Your Backyard
One of the awesome home improvement tips is sprucing up the backyard. There is nothing that defines summer more than an outdoor campfire and barbecues. You can add a fire pit and a new patio set to the backyard to give it a more summery vibe. These features will not only bring comfort but tons of fun to your house. For small gatherings, just a night with the family, or big parties, a fire pit and patio set will let you escape to your own backyard retreat. The excitement can last up to the fall as well. If you really want to improve the living experience of the outdoor, look for professionals such as home improvement contractor or engineers.

3. Remodel Your Bathroom
If you are throwing a party or casually inviting friends for a gathering, the bathroom is the one room everyone will be using and entering. If you are still living in a house with the outdated tiled bathroom, it is time to change it. Upgrade your bathroom with modern features, change your tiles, showers, and countertops. This will not only make all of your friends compliment you the house but add actual value to it. Remodeling your bathroom comes with plenty of options to choose from. It is a fun but a complicated process that will make the dream of your perfect bathroom come true.

4. Paint a Room.
Painting a room has to be the most fun and the easiest do it yourself indoors activity. You can paint a room all by yourself or with the help of your family, if not a professional. Start off by picking a room to re-paint. Just update the old color or select a brand new one. By redoing the paint in your house, you are likely to receive up to 112% return on the investment you made.

5. Install Energy Efficient Windows.
If your electric bill shoots up more and more every summer all because of the air conditioning costs, try installing energy efficient windows. By installing energy efficient windows you will actually conserve energy by keeping heat out or in the house. These windows will also add in the style and the decor of your home. When fall approaches and the nights finally starts to cool down, open up the windows for the fresh air to get in, or keep them closed to conserve the heat.

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