Interior Design Ideas for Smaller Spaces

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August 10, 2016
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August 10, 2016

Like the diner booth that most people pile into, smaller rooms can be attractive social spaces. Below are a few tricks on how to squeeze in more decoration and comfort in a smaller space.

a. Go Light:
You should use light colors on the floor and walls. With softer hues, the cramped room will appear brighter and bigger.

b. Hang a mirror:
To make space feel airier, you can place a mirror in your room. Put the mirror opposite to a window for the mirror to bounce the light from outside around the room. To get more information about interior design ideas for smaller rooms.

c. Use some metallics:
You can go for a light fixture, shimmery lamp or other object having the same effect as a mirror i.e. enlightening the space and reflecting light.

d. Install some floating shelves:
Installing floating shelves will give you storage space without the bulkiness of armoires, chests, and bookcases. You may also sway out nightstands for floating shelves.

e. Make use of corner space:
Corners can be a great spot when it comes to squeezing in a corner bookshelf or an accent chair in order to make the room more livable. You may even put a cozy little chair in the corner to make your personal reading nook.

f. Fake bigger looking windows:
Instead of installing curtains right above the window, install your curtains a couple of inches below the ceiling in order to make the window appear taller and to draw the eye upward. The same trick applies to window’s width. If you hang the rods a couple of inches past the sides of the panels, it creates an illusion of a bigger window.

g. Matching curtains to the wall
If you match the color of your curtains to the color of your walls, it creates an unbroken line, making space appear much larger than it actually is.

h. Choose scaled-down or smaller furniture:
For your smaller spaces, always buy smaller furniture that suits smaller rooms. These days, even bulky traditional pieces like upholstered club chairs come in a smaller width. You can get one of those instead of the traditional ones so that your room looks spacious without the cramping of your furniture.

i. Always choose airy pieces:
Select an open metal base table or a see-through acrylic coffee table, instead of a solid wooden table that will do nothing but weigh down space.

j. Decorate with double duty stuff
Find objects that can be of multiple uses. For instance, a garden stool can act as a spot to perch or an end table.

k. Sneak some storage in:
Select furniture with a place to store objects such as a small coffee table with a shelf underneath, an ottoman having removable top and space inside, a bench with bins below.

l. Make sure that your furniture is mobile:
If you buy furniture on casters or outfit the furniture with casters yourself, you will be able to rearrange the pieces as you need easily, whether that means pushing a table, a chair or even a kitchen island out of the way or rolling the futon for providing comfortable set up for the guest overnight.

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