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September 9, 2016
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September 24, 2016

Designing a small bathroom might be a challenge for a large number of people. Although it seems like a fairly difficult task, with clever planning and the correct equipment, it is extremely easy and definitely fun. Your home might be excellent in terms of spaces and commodities, but without a storage-friendly, functional bathroom, it is far from being perfect. For the bathroom to be functional and have a purpose, every element of design in a small bathroom should be able to give some utility in order to create a space saving preserve. If you are looking forward to remodeling your small bathroom, here are some tips to get you off the ground.

1. Add extra storage:
In a small bathroom, you would not want to add in large cabinets in the name of storage. Instead of large cabinets, showcase your amazingly textured and colorful towels in an open shelving. If you do this, your bathroom will look fun with the playful colors, avoiding the unwanted large pieces of furniture. Other ideas of smart storage are as follows:

● Opt for floating shelves in order to add storage in a stylish way.
● Select colorful storage ladders in order to store your belongings and showcase your personality.
● In order to hide cleaning products and add flair to your bathroom, go for sink skirts.
● You can use wooden crates to drill into the wall to add storage without taking much space. You may even leave it on the floor or stalk them together.

2. Be Functional:
An efficient bathroom must be functional. It is extremely easy to clutter small rooms, hence, when adding elements to your small bathroom, be sure that it has a purpose and adds the functionality to your space. Avoid adding extra knickknacks or items that don’t do a thing to serve a purpose. Below are a few tips on adding functionality to your bathroom.
● Under the sink, install a hamper.
● Avoid displaying your personal products, but store it to minimize the counter space.
● You may store your cotton balls and swabs in a glass jar on floating shelves.
● Above washer and dryer units and underneath the cabinets, add stackable baskets.

3. Plan your palette
Pre-plan your color palette so that you don’t have to be worried about the color mess that you might end up making. Do not forget that it takes time to paint a wall an accent color. It is better if you use neutral colors in your bathroom to give it a calm and pleasing vibe.
● In order to form a base theme, you may create a neutral color palette in your bathroom.
● Add depth and creativity of your bathroom by using patterns and textures.
● Always remember that the color white gives calming vibe and is linked with cleanliness.

4. Add pops of color
You can avoid painting your bathroom with different colors and still make your bathroom look lively and colorful by showcasing different colored rugs, robes, bathroom tile or colorful hand towels in order to create your own flair and ambiance.

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