Trendy Color Scheme for your Bathroom in 2016

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August 26, 2016
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August 26, 2016

If you are thinking of redoing your bathroom, you must be wondering about the bathroom color trends for 2016. Well, we have good news for you! We’ve done our research from a variety of different sources: interior designers, trade associations, real estate stagers, bathroom remodeling contractors, real estate agents, retailers and their list of bestsellers, internet trend data and homeowners who are actually remodeling and have come up with a number of color schemes to help you choose the most suitable trendy colors for your bathroom. Here are the trendiest colors for your bathroom in 2016.

      White Bathrooms

Trendy Color Scheme-2
Of course, white is one of the top bathroom colors for 2016, it always has been. White bathroom, bath accessories, and tiles are strongly in demand in this season. Any style, be it modern, traditional, contemporary, transitional goes super well with a basic white bathroom. White is an outstanding color to play with bathroom accessories as well. If you want a good look for your bathroom while using the color white, consult your bathroom remodeling contractor for the ideas and schemes. To get suggestion from bathroom remodeling contractor’s visit:

Gray Bathrooms

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For the past few years, gray has been a trendy color and it is still going strong in 2016. The most popular combination is of gray and white. If the combination of white and gray or the color gray alone does not excite you at all, remember that gray takes all other colors as an undertone. Hence, if you are careful in considering the undertones of the various paint colors in your color scheme that you will be using, you certainly can combine gray with other colors that you would use for your bathroom. For example, a combination of gray and turquoise is highly in demand. This is because gray is being used as bluish-greenish-grays that complement the color turquoise perfectly.

Black and White Bathrooms

Trendy Color Scheme-4
To make a statement for bathrooms in 2016, go for black and white color combination. Trend setters are doing various experiments and interesting things using the combination of black and white. Another popular and interesting combination is white, black and gray.

Lilac and Purple Bathrooms

Trendy Color Scheme-5
Many shades or lavender and purple are fresh accent colors that people like to use to decorate their master bathrooms, powder rooms, and guest bathrooms. If you are feeling particularly brave, you may consider painting a part or your bathrooms in a lovely shade of purple. One of the safe color choices is the pale purplish gray, which you can pair up with accents in purple, mulberry, wine or lilac colors.

The decline of beige bathrooms in 2016

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If we look at the past decades, we can see that the most popular bathroom color was beige. Beige was the most trendy color choice for bathrooms but not anymore. It is not right to say that beige is dead completely. There are still many people who would prefer and decorate their bathroom with this color. Be careful when using it, if not, it can look extremely outdated.

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