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July 26, 2016
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August 3, 2016

We find some place appealing, while the other place uneasy. We get attached to one commodity over another. One of the major factor determining our likes and dislikes is the color. Color accounts for sixty percent of our reaction to an object or a place. The effects of color psychology are significant and subtle. The use of the color is not something that helps in resulting in an equation between our moods and the color itself but is a presently popular expression. However, the importance of color might be undervalued, we do respond to color. The use of color is important to us in our personal homes or our workplace. You will find some of the best painting contractors if you do your research to make sure that you get the best out of everything you do. Below are some tips for picking paint colors.

1. Start small:
If you don’t know where to start with color, go on experimenting the powder room or the bathroom. You may also use an accent wall or the area between the rooms. If you are painting on your own, it is better to pick an area that is easy to do so you will be able to see the results soon. If you are happy with the paint, great. If not, you will have the option to change it. In order to get started, choose a color from the artwork. Then go ahead and select dishes, a rug and a furniture as the main accent.

2. Think about your mood:
When you select a color, keep in mind the mood of the room. You would want your bedroom to be soothing and intimate. For that, go for the soft, neutral, cool colors in order to create a quieter feeling. For a dining area, the mood should be sociable and stimulating. Hence, select warm contrasting colors. You can also go for brighter colors to get that friendly vibe. If you want to set a formal meeting room, go for deeper versions of blue and green or shades of neutral color to get the official ambiance. For a kid’s room, create an exciting and active energy by using bring hues. You can go through painting websites online for finding some best painting contractors to do your work in the best possible way.

3. Test Your Color Choice:
Enhance your assurance by challenging colors on the poster boards or big areas of a wall. Do not be afraid to step outside your comfort zone i.e., Consider tough, bright colors or deep, soft neutrals like olive green or chocolate brown as the accent colors. You might as well add a bit of a drama with a tougher color painted on the ceiling. Painted ceilings can intensely change the entire look of the room.

4. Add Depth with Attractive Finishes
Convert dull, flat walls into an exciting and private space with refined or intense visual surface and wrecked color. In order to add depth go for metal finishes, layered colored glaze and burnished mineral.

5. Walk Into Extra Room
Remember the places and walls of color and see their interaction while viewing one next to another in adjacent rooms. You may think of it like a composition: you are in a room, but you will see a part of some other room through it. Hence, while choosing the color, keep in mind if they will flow from one room to another to produce your perfect picture.

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