Kitchen Remodeling Tips

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September 1, 2016
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September 9, 2016

Your kitchen is more than just gorgeous cabinets and a stunning backsplash. Understand these considerate kitchen remodeling ideas when designing your kitchen for a space that is easy to work in and is functional.

Remove Wasted Steps
Think about where and how you normally use kitchen objects. Store bowls and breakfast foods near the dining table. Keep plastic containers and wraps in one nearby spot close to a work surface in order to wrap the leftovers. Locate flatware and dishware near to the dishwasher for the ease in the process of unloading. Take the help of kitchen remodeling company if needed.

Direct Traffic
For a kid-friendly kitchen design, place the cooktop out of the traffic areas so that the children will not be able to catch the handles and cause leaks while running around. Make the fridge reachable to both guests and people functioning in cleanup and cooking areas.

Find the Right Height for the Microwave
The best location and height for a microwave depends on the cook and the amount of friendliness to the kids preferred in the kitchen. A 15 inches overhead countertop level is a decent microwave tallness for adults. While for kids, a below countertop arrangement would be more suitable and safer.

Stay Clear of Corners
To make appliance and cabinet doors completely practical, plan a space for the clearance of the door and swipe way in the kitchen strategy. Keep all your appliances away from the corners while making sure that if the door opens at the same time, they will not bang into each other.

Design Wide Walkways
Tracks through a kitchen must be about 36 inches wide. For a one-cook kitchen, tracks inside the cooking zone must be 42 inches wide and for a two-cook configuration, a good 48 inches wide is considered good. While you are planning for the kitchen remodel, adjust peninsulas and kitchen islands with the help of a kitchen remodeling company.

Determine the Island’s Function
Form follows function when it comes to the kitchen islands. If you not only cook but eat on the kitchen islands, you need to plan sufficient space so that the cooktop is carefully detached from the dining area.

Plan the Landing Space
While designing the kitchen, it is good if you let 15 inches of countertop on the sides of the fridge and the cooktop. Landing space is very important to be near the microwave.

Consider the Countertops
More counter space is required to the ones who cook often than those who do not cook frequently or who make simple food. It is ideal if the countertop is between the range and the sink. If you incorporate two countertop heights, it will make baking easy. Also, it will help kids who want to be involved in the preparation of the meal.

Double Up
An additional microwave and a miniature fridge or a fridge drawer placed at the corner of the kitchen’s work center will keep the guests and the family members out of the cook’s way but in the kitchen. A bar consisting of stools will double as the gathering place for the dinner guests and the after-school position for kids.

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