Inexpensive Kitchen Renovation Ideas

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July 5, 2016
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July 8, 2016

The kitchen is the highlight of a house. A beautiful kitchen reflects the house’s overall personality and theme. It is the space that has the chief visual impact. You can plan it according to your personality with the help of kitchen remodeling contractors. However, it is up to you to bring it to life. With various sizes and options in kitchen essentials such as cabinets, it can be a fun space to let your creativity flutter.

1. The right layout:
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If you can make your perfectly laid out kitchen your first priority, the work is done. While you plan your layout, think about the work triangle i.e. the distance between the refrigerator, the stove and the sink. You can design your kitchen however you want but the basic rule suggests that the refrigerator’s best placement is at the room’s entrance as it is the primary destination of the kitchen goer.

2. Go for the height:
It is never a good idea to place a 36-inch tall upper cabinet in a low-ceilinged space. Always opt for a taller kitchen and higher upper cabinets for additional space and comfort.

3. Understand the need to splurge
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After being done with the cabinetry without counting the floor, the biggest amount of a kitchen’s real estate is covered by the backsplash. If you want to make the visual effect, splurge the backsplashes. Backsplashes are essential to express your personality and style without making you go broke. They are very small and do not require a lot of material to complete.

4. Do not neglect the details:
It is essential to take good care of small details in the kitchen to ensure its functionality and looks. Hardware delivers major bang for your kitchen so you could take it as earrings for your cabinetry. In rentals, changing the hardware of the kitchen can be helpful to add up more high-end elegance than other elements.

5. Light up space:
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Almost every time when we walk into a room, we check out the lighting by looking upwards at the ceiling. That is why it is very important for a kitchen to have spectacular light fixtures over the sink, islands, and the breakfast nook. It is good if you wish to set up a hierarchy of visual ceiling lights. Your Kitchen will look and feel like a Christmas tree as one zone will act like as star and others will pretend to be supporting characters.

6. Flooring is the key:
Kitchen flooring is extremely important. If you are opting for a wooden floor, the wood should be the matching with the rest of the house. You can mix and match and experiment with the flooring up to some extent but it will be best if you don’t get too creative with it and play with many colors. The key over here is to keep it simple. You can also go for a ceramic tile which will give your kitchen a luxury look if laid diagonal.

Before you start, make sure that you speak in detail with one of the kitchen remodeling contractors you shortlist and see if they have an understanding of your vision.

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