How to estimate home renovation costs

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August 3, 2016
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August 3, 2016

The cost of home renovation depends on various factors. Estimating home renovation costs is not an easy task. It requires much thought and researching.

1. The cost of bathroom and kitchen renovations: For the renovation of the kitchen including all the appliances and furniture, the average cost is $30,000. This is a standard startup that focuses on transforming the renovation experience of the homeowners which guarantees that the project would never go out of the budget. The cost of renovation bathroom will begin at $20,000 which includes all the new fixtures. The cost of a basic bathroom and the kitchen renovation including some plumbing and some electrical replacement with basic finishes and carpentry will cost about $60,000 which would not come with relocating outlets and water lines.

2. The charge of the contractors: The spending of the renovation is expected to reach a high in the end of 2016. This can mean that the demand for the contractors will increase, increasing their charges. Contractors are busy people and they charge according to their time and availability. If you want to work with a certain contractor, you should fix the time for them beforehand. You might as well conduct your research on the best contractors on a budget, online or with the help of family, friends, and professionals.

3. Recognize the amateurs: When the demand for the professional contractors goes up, the inexperienced contractors step in the game offering lower charges. Stay away from them! It is necessary to understand that you get what you pay for. The worst thing than messed up work and an unorganized project is that they take your money and run away, leaving you high and dry. The new contractors are less reliable than the one who have been in business.

4. Difficulty in comparing bids: If the same scope of work is not presented to the contractors, it becomes difficult to compare the bids. Contractors are not bidding on the set of tasks that are the same which makes it difficult for a homeowner to acknowledge what they will be paying or getting for. Consumers do not have the expertise to know the difference between the pricing and the information that the contractors are giving them.

5. Have a contractor do the walkthrough: Estimating home renovation costs is best done with the help of a contractor. One of the mistakes that people make while figuring out the cost of the house renovation project is asking friends, architects or real estate brokers. Although their opinion might be important, they are not the right people. The only right way to find out the cost is by allowing the contractor to come in and look for the unforeseen issues with the most likely circumstances. If you have discovered all the preconditions, you will have more power and control over your project while implementing it. There are a lot of factors you need to consider such as if you live in a building with an elevator or just stairs. If there is a parking close by, whether there is an area in order to store materials while the work is happening, or if there the construction will be constrained to certain hours.

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