How to decorate a Small living room

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August 17, 2016
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Many people look for small living room decorating ideas in order to amend the looks of their small living rooms. However, not everyone is familiar with small things related to living room decoration that will skyrocket the price of the project. Hence, if you want small living room decorating ideas with the significantly cheap price, you would want to consider going through the tips below:

Colorful Plates
You just have to pick a few used plates that you don’t use any longer. The color of it is not so much important since you can give just another coat to the plates. If you already have composed all of the recycled plates, you will just need to paint the plates with diverse colors that will make the plates appear prettier. After that, you will need to position all of the colorful plates you made.

Plate Photo Frames
If you want something better, you, of course, can use the lower part small round part of the plate as the space to attach your photographs. When you use those colorful plates, you can confirm the unique looks of the frames that you will use for the decoration of your living room. You should attempt that one for the exclusive impression for the living room.

Pair it back with wood
If you think about the alternatives to a traditional living room fittings, you can go for three-piece suite. It is still likely to have a cozy area in order to relax and read with minimum space requiring furnishings. Exchange a furnished armchair for a timber rocker with pillows and bookcases for slim line ladder style shelves. Accessorize the walls with subtle color.

Gather round
You may want to start off with getting rid of the clutter as it will help your small living room open more. If you can do anything to get cozy, go for a lived-in look rather than the pared back scheme. Small does not have to mean characterless and bare. You can try the standard mixture of the traditional fireplace and the dark leather armchair. There is nothing like that for creating a cozy, warm environment. If you add your favorite accessories and items in an interesting, character-filled scheme, nobody will be thinking about how small living room really is.

Furnish to scale
Big items of fixtures can make the small room appear further tiny and limit the space in it. Therefore, always buy the bits and clips that will suit the scale of your area. In a tiny spaced living room, it is a good idea to stick to the basics such as storage, seating, lighting and fixtures. You may opt for a wooden framed love seat instead of a big sized sofa. Buy a small cupboard and slimline drawers, in order to keep all of your stuff, whitewashed, prettily patterned or neutral.

Experiment the walls
If you are thinking of painting your living room, use the powder room to experiment with the color and the paint that you will be working within your living room. In a smaller room, we suggest lighter shades that will make the area appear bigger.

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