Decorating ideas for small living rooms

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July 26, 2016
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Most of the small living room decorating ideas revolve around about making the space appear bigger. Such ideas transform an area that is claustrophobic and cramped into one that feels pleasing and cozy. You should decorate your living room in a way that increases space and light by paying attention to weight, scale and color. For more information on decorating small living rooms visit:

While decorating a small living room, it is interesting to try different things. Sometimes traditional themed living room decor does not work well for small areas. Rather than using blinds for window treatments, go for long, flowing drapes as they help drawing attention to the vertical space, thus increasing the living room area.

Regardless of size, your living room should be able to work as a space of entertainment and relaxation. Here are few of our favorite ways to decorate living rooms so that it is more spacious.

Decorate with Mirrors:
Designers like placing mirrors into smaller spaces in order to make them appear larger. One of the basic living room decor ideas is hanging a large mirror in the center in order to create a focal point. You may place the mirror behind a light source such as pendent lamp or even a candle to reflect light and add a subtle atmosphere. If possible, place the mirror across the window so that it will reflect the view from outside and give the impression of another window.

Use Natural Colors:
Another popular small living room decor ideas is using neutral colors on ceiling, walls, furniture and floor. You may choose a palette of beiges and off whites to expand your space by seeming to push the walls back. The use of soft hues will also brighten the room by reflecting light. In addition to broadening the area, a neutral palette gives the aura of sophistication and creates a peaceful environment.

Draw the Eye Upward:
A room has a vertical dimension as well as a horizontal one. You can make the most of the extra space of a living room that has a high ceiling by decorating it in a way that draws all the eye upward. You can choose a floor to ceiling drape in order to accomplish it. A menagerie of mid-size or small artwork can be a great idea to fill the vertical space. These techniques will actually help in making the room more spacious than it already is as it lets the eye to roam in the horizontal space that is above the eye level.

Choose Small Scale Furniture:
Select furniture that will not dominate the space and overpower the room. A sofa with a tightly furnished back and thin arms is preferable to the one with multi-cushion back and large arms. You can also complete the look of your living room without a sofa or a couch, if your space is tight. Just choose a loveseat or go for coffee table surrounded by four chairs. When you pick your chairs, select the ones that are harmless as they take up less space than the one with arms.

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