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Building a house can be complicated if not researched properly and planned ahead. There are general pieces of information that will keep you from being surprised when planning your budget. The house construction cost estimate can be predicted in a number of ways. Before you start planning for the budget, make a list of things that are extremely important to your project. Basic items required in a house construction project include:

Preparation of the site by cutting and filling to grade the site, clearing away the trees, stabilizing soil, etc.

  • Hardscape or exterior built items i.e. sidewalks, pools, driveways, patios, etc.
  • Site superintendent fees and construction management fees
  • Demolition, if the lot consists of a built structure
  • Sales Tax
  • The provision of utilities to the site if it is not currently present
  • Construction management fees, including lighting, foundation, cabinetry, framing, plumbing vessels, electrical, exterior finishes, mechanical, interior finishing and plumbing.

There are a number of ways for determining your house construction cost estimate. In this article, we will focus on the costs per square foot reference during the design development and the schematic phases.

$150 per square foot
This amount is the lowest budget estimate to construct a house. A house built under this budget design will not be very attractive, but still good for In those who are looking for something less expensive. $150 per square foot will give clients a brick house which has a composition of a single roof. The house will have a slab on grade foundation. Wood windows and an ogee profile galvanized gutters.

$200 per square foot
A house build in a range of $200 to $225 is best for you if you want additional features in your house but you’re still on a budget. For $200 per square foot, you will be able to construct a brick house with the features of cast stone, clad wood windows which can be of both Marvin and Weathershield, standing seem metal paint grip, a pier, one and a half round paint grip gutters and a beam foundation.

$250 per square foot
If you are capable Sea of spending $250 per square foot when building a house, you can have a lot of practical choices. For $250, you can construct a brick house or masonry stucco. You will have access to the high-end wood or clad windows, standing seam metal paint grip or tile roof, one and a half round copper gutters, a pier and beam foundation. You can also customize your house according to your style be it floating staircases, features lighting or steel framed entry doors.

$300 per Square Foot (and up)
You can hire various monks and artisans from different corners of the world if you wish to spend $300 per square foot on your house. At $300 per square foot, the exterior can be Hadrian limestone paneled 4” thick on CMU block walls, custom steel windows, true state roof, specialty energy features such as handmade tiles and geothermal, entire house integrated audio and art visual controls and so much more.

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