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August 10, 2016
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August 17, 2016

A few things that people living in old houses are all too familiar with are squeaky floors, drafty windows, imperfect plumbing and small bathrooms. While new home bathroom has doubled in size in this past 30 years, bathroom in old houses still is about 5 by 8 feet on average.

If you are claustrophobic, do not worry. With the right lighting and colors, you can create an illusion that your bathroom is spacious and comfortable. Follow these amazing small bathroom remodeling ideas, to turn your bathroom experience into a luxurious one. For more information on remodeling small bathroom be sure to visit:

Asian Inspired Rich Design
You can choose the rich, Asian-inspired design to bring your home out of the 1980s design. In an Asian-inspired bathroom, designers tend to promote a peaceful atmosphere with rich visuals. One of the popular d├ęcor in this bathroom design is the Buddha sculpture. Asian inspired bathroom usually consists of wooden decors and white backgrounds to give a hint of relaxed and calm atmosphere. These can also the use of dark colors on the walls to make the small scape recede.

At the Beach
You can open up your space by getting rid of big fat furniture that might be consuming your bathroom space that is making it look little and add an ambient lighting to it. Small shallow cabinets can be added to replace big ones. You can go for a little Beach look by adding dry riverbed of stones on the floor. You may also consider hanging art pieces of the water to give it a more beach themed vibe.

His and Her
Go for his and her bath design by adding horizontal lines. Add a large mirror without frames and place task lighting to make space appear larger. The toilet area will look modest with the wall that divides the marble-clad while making up space for storage. For a small bathroom, it is better if the shower has a curbless entry in order to remove the separation of the limited area.

Simple and subtle
A simple bathroom design does not indicate that everything is plain white with no decorations and schemes. You can still select flooring with intricate designs and opt for a couple of wall art here and there, but remember to keep the rest of the space simple in order in order to save space.

Mansard Bathroom
You can choose rounded showers rather than square ones as they require less room. They also are ideal for baths in which square footage is at a premium. To make enough room to store more sundries, go for slenderer cupboard rather than the large one.

Contemporary Bath
For contemporary bathroom design, select a palette of colors. You can go for pixilated wall tiles or simply blue mosaic tiles. You can pick up a pallet with a random pattern of indigo, white and turquoise and be creative with it. If you choose dark colors, your small bathroom can feel a bit congested. Hence, be sure to install proper lighting with mirrors to reflect the lights.

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