Bathroom ideas that will help turn your bathroom into a Spa

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July 14, 2016
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The part of the house planned for private sanitation is the bathroom. It also is a space that we use to loosen up our tired bodies and minds in order to separate ourselves from the stress. Many people have made it their routine to immerse in a bathroom after a long day. As the bathroom is a space for relaxation, you might want to consider putting more effort into beautifying it in order to increase space, comfort, and aesthetics. There is a range of options you can choose from when designing your bathroom. You may design your bathroom according to your personality or opt for something that you have in mind to make space appear more attractive. With upscale facilities such as fashionable lavatories, granite countertops, and sectional storages, the modern bathroom design will make your bathroom feel like a spa. Below are some modern bathroom ideas that will turn your bathroom experience into a luxurious one.

1. Go Natural:
If you want a bathing area that is serene and welcoming, then you may want to go for nature design inspiration to fill the space with a positive calming vibe and to warm a typically hard room. You may go for earthly materials such as wood look tiles or natural stones. To get more information about modern bathroom ideas

2. The retreat of the master suite:
If your master bathroom is cramped, it definitely is not inviting and probably tucked away from sight. If you want a bigger bathroom, try connecting the bathroom to your closet or bedroom. You may also go for an open plan bathroom, which allows you and anyone who enter the room to see the custom vanities, freestanding baths and stunning basins from the bedroom. You might even want to consider sliding doors to save up space.

3. Smarter water control:
Touch screen operated showers and multiple water sources controlling mixers are some of the user-friendly fixtures that allow people to get more control of the mix, temperature, and flow of the water. A good example of this can be double showers where a single mixer can control a shower bath combination or the multiple showers.

4. Custom vanity:
In modern bathroom designs, custom vanities play an important role. Custom vanities are designed keeping in mind the need of people more than the stylish design and the glam it offers. A custom vanity made in order to match the contemporary design, create an illusion of having more space and offer a whole lot of storage.

5. Geometrical tiles
Geometrical tiles is another design trend for modern bathrooms. If you want to add a visual attention and depth to your neutral, plain bathroom space, without using any bright tone, you might want to opt for geometrical tiles.

6. Gray tones:
Gray has been popular bathroom color for quite a few years now. To create a sophisticated looking bathroom, you can add slices of white that will help you eliminate the moody hue of the gray tone. If you design properly, the gray color will not make your bathroom lifeless and flat. You can certainly add eye popping bold color in the certain bathroom areas with gray.

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