Affordable and easy home improvement ideas

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July 26, 2016
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July 26, 2016

You don’t have to spend all your savings on home improvement for your big and bold renovation. Not everything needs to be costly additions and demolitions when it comes to redoing your house. There are a lot of small steps to take that will make every corner of the house look beautiful while keeping all your windows, walls, floors even bank account complete. Here are a few home improvement ideas:

1. Wallpaper:

One of the simplest and most effective home improvement ideas is installing wallpaper. Adding wallpaper to your room will not only keep the costs minimum but refresh the cloudiest room in the most beautiful way. Adding paper to one of your accent walls will simultaneously add a designer’s touch to your room. It will act as a focal point that will make your room look modern and fresh even if you lack the money to update your furnishing.

2. Swap out a sink:
Kitchen and bathroom remodels can be costly, messy business. However, you can get lots of remodeling done for less money by simply exchanging a sink. If you are remodeling your bathroom, it will require you to change the countertop as well but will make your bathroom even more updated and interesting. Glass, porcelain and copper basin sinks attached to the top of the countertops comes down in cost and adds the flair. You can consider a deep basin farmhouse style sink or things made out of stainless steel or concrete materials in the kitchen. You can change the faucets as well if you are really planning to splash out.

3. Paint
Painting is the highest impact project that you can get at the lowest cost while redoing your home. You can use your productivity and get extra benefit out of each gallon. You may paint your ceiling in a dramatic color. Use painter’s tape in order to mark the strips on the wall to paint them with a color slightly darker or lighter. You may even opt for stencils for creating unique designs and patterns. Give your guest that “I wish I would have thought of that” moments with the simple yet elegant geometric shapes painted around the shelf and mirror.

4. Change the lighting:
For installing new lights in your rooms of your house, it requires money and the service of an electrician. However, relocating furniture is something anyone can handle. Make sure that you are turning the breaker off of the fixture you are planning to work on. After that, let your inspiration become your escort. You can update your glass pendant with a chandelier that you can get in antique stores and salvage shops. You can also swap an outdated fixture stuck on the ceiling with a fancy looking ceiling fan. You may update your old wall with modern replacement or run new track lighting. If the idea of working with electricity does not appeal to you, you can have a good update by just replacing the ceiling, tabletop lights, and shades on the wall.

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