6 Daybed Designs To Relax In Absolute Style (And Comfort)

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August 17, 2016
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From our friends @ The Decollage

While most people fluctuate between wanting to have a futon couch or a luxurious lounge chair, we are the ones to choose daybeds always. A daybed perfectly melds the two into one sophisticated piece of furniture – and that too, in style!

Perfect for relaxing, daybeds are gradually becoming popular with the millennials. Be it for a catnap in the afternoon, using it as a reclined workspace or an overnight bed for a surprise guest, daybeds are more than just functional.

While picking out one for own house, we found these 10 daybeds that truly define ‘relaxing in style’ and will have you not wanting to leave them even for a minute!

1. This sinfully comfortable daybed

Daybeds are just meant to be ‘comfy’ and nothing defines comfortable than this cushiony one. You don’t even need to drag in another piece of furniture for it. Simply stack two to three mattresses in colors and patterns you like, bring in some cushions and get yourself a soft throw as well – your perfect catnap corner is ready!


image courtesy: Urban Outfitters

2. This absolutely functional and stylish daybed

Who says a daybed is only for catnaps and serving as overnight beds for guests? If you choose the design strategically, you can use the space below them for storage as well. In this bed, there are a few shelves below the main seating. You could fit in drawers here or baskets, based on what you want to stow away from clear sight!


image courtesy: Lowe’s

3. This minimalistic and modern daybed

Do you love minimalistic home decor? Join the club! This daybed here is perfect for homes that love the earthy, yet minimal look in all their rooms. Perfect to serve as a reading nook on a rainy day with a cup of coffee, this design definitely has a lot of possibilities!


image courtesy: Apartment Therapy

4. This comforting swing daybed

Who says daybeds can only be placed on the floors of bedrooms? Take them out and turn it into your favourite childhood dream of having a swing! We can already imagine ourselves enjoying a quiet evening on swing, without feeling all too uncomfortable.


image courtesy: AphroChic

If you like, you could absolutely go minimal with the design you pick, replicating the typical swing.


image courtesy: Centsational Girl

5. This luxurious wooden daybed

If you have some space left in your house and absolutely love luxurious looking furniture, this one is for you. The rustic wooden look with crafts work is perfect to give your house an authentic look. If you have more outdoor space, you could choose to take it out instead!


image courtesy: My Domaine

Or, this minimal wooden beauty..


image courtesy: The Merrythought

6. This perfect daybed for balconies

Continuing on taking daybeds outdoors, here’s one we absolutely love for apartment balconies! The circular design and cane used for this daybed instantly bring a cozier look to the space. A few cushions, a coffee table, tiny green plants and scented candles – and you’re all set to give yourself a relaxing time-out!


image courtesy: Cuded Art & Design

Believe it or not, a daybed could really revamp the look of any space – indoor or outdoor. This is that piece of furniture that you could use for various purposes, taking it straight to our list of ‘home must-haves’.

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